The ABC aspire to create a space for collaboration where multi-industry stakeholders from development partners, civil societies, entrepreneurs, academia, government, private sectors, and all industry sector players can harness the common good of decentralized technologies in enhancing health, agriculture, education, good governance, financial independence and general economic growth.


Work with us to develop your blockchain solution and help your organization become “blockchain ready” for the adoption of digital transformation.

ABC aims to help organizations understand, research, prepare and develop blockchain solutions that suit their business growth are geared towards creating the right impact. We are well positioned to lead efforts for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology applications, run R&D for blockchain use cases to develop and pilot solutions across sectors and lines of business in Africa.


Our 3 courses are:

  1. Blockchain programming for developers who are looking to upskill into becoming blockchain experts.

  2. Blockchain for Business for investors, business onwers and business leaders looking to leverage on the blockchain technology.

  3. Crypto Trading for people looking to understand more how the cryptocurrency movement is shaping world finance and explore trading.


Incubated Companies


Expert courses


Coming Events


Global Patners


Blockchain as a Service(BaaS)

ABC engineering faculty will major in advisory and consultancy services. Unlike our equals we propose and build solutions for our diverse clientele across industries

Research & Development

Incubating and doing research for the companies below:

  • MooveBeta
  • Ecobba
  • Zeden Technologies
  • AfyaRekod
Knowledge Center

The center provides a student-centered practical approach in training students all areas of blockchain technology. The student as they start the course will be allocated a project to work on which will end up being academic research

ABC Upcoming Events

ABC encourages smart research across all blockchain areas leading to robust, secure, distributed and user-friendly products released in to the market


November 2021

Kicking off cryptotrading classes

January 2022

Kicking off blockchain development classes


Our Partners

Adanian Labs
Next Chymia Ltd

What Partners Are Saying

Africa is in a great position to play a key role in the world of digital currencies and adopt blockchain technology into many of its industries. We at ABC are well positioned to provide the best education to individuals and institutions seeking to take advantage of this emerging industry.

Irene Kiwia

We want to apply the PPP (Private Public Partnership) model to promote the collaboration between established players, innovative start-ups, top R&D institutions and governments which will result in creating jobs, boosting technology transfer and promoting Africa as a hub for innovation in the next decade

Jeff Mkungusi

Our goal is to create a powerful African innovation platform to support the 4IR African movement that will impact the way we live and work. We want to see industries and people benefiting from blockchain technology”

Latest News

Edgeware Node Deployment

March 13, 2021 Development

We deployed a full edgeware node to the server

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Avalanche Research

April 30, 2021 Research

We carry out indepth research targeting avax assets. The research is normally released in iterations

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